Software-Defined Networks

This site contains some personal views on Software-Defined Networking in a liberal sense, i.e. not just OpenFlow- or external/central controller-based.


SDN and NFV—What can an NREN offer?
Keynote given at the Future Internet Forum, Athens, March 2014.
Building Cloud—Where SDN Could Help
Presentation at the 1st workshop of the Swiss SDN Working Group, Zurich, October 2013
SCALE/SWITCHengines Update—Current and Possible SDN Applications
Presentation at the 3rd workshop of the Swiss SDN Working Group, Winterthur, November 2014
Software Defined Networking
Performance-oriented presentation from the eduPERT Performance U!, Zurich, March 2013


Exploring the performance boundaries of virtualized networks in clouds

Articles and Blog Posts

Riding the SDN Hype Wave
June 2014

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